3D Rendering Architectural Design Structural Elements
Interactive Bowling CES 2018 Innovation Award Winner
Johnson & Johnson + Listerine + FIFA World Cup Games
3D Exploration / light tests with Cinema4D
Infographics + Graphic Design
Branding + Web Dev Print + Digital Multiple Clients
Illustration Childrens Book Flight Of The Blue Jay
Editorial Illustration 2016
Illustration #GaryVaynerchuk Process Video
Illustration European Editorial Angela Merkel + Video
Editorial Illustration Donald Trump 2016
Digital Illustration Process Video
Half Crown Fine Furniture & Cabinetry VIDEO
Brooklyn Drawings
VIDEO Production Playing To Win Michael J Fox
Video Production Blue Room Birthday Video
11"x14" Graphite on Paper Private Client
11"x14" pastel on paper
Oil on Canvas for Andy Roddick Foundation
Art Oil on Canvas Great American Tragedy (unfinished)
Misc. Sketchbook
Editorial Illustration Tom Cotton 2015
11"x14" Graphite on Paper Drawing
Digital Illustration + Concept
MVP Awards MJFF Video
New American Mythology + Multiple Pieces
Edward Shapiro | graphite on paper
11"x14" pastel on paper
Editorial Illustration Hillary Clinton
Tiny Portraits | Summer 2013
Clay / Sculpture
Tiny Portraits Collection
Leon Shapiro / oil on canvas
Wall Treatments
More Tiny Portraits
Happy Male
Editorial Illustration Bernie Sanders 2016
Real Simple Magazine / GMA
Real Simple / Today Show
Editorial Illustration Presidential Election 2016
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