Tequesta pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming with responsive projection mapping, interactive LEDs, 51,510 LED DMX controlled Madrix channels, a suite of 54 Chauvet concert lights, three 6000 lumen Sony laser projectors with three Sony cameras that allow mapping on each bowling lane that delivers visual content linked to gaming outcomes.
Simply rolling the ball can affect the images projected on the lane and depending on the scene, it can affect the entire room. The client entertains distinguished guests and diplomats throughout the year and wanted the ability to showcase branded content on the walls, lanes. Multiple scenes that are fun and tasteful with the ability to customize environments.
An armada of controlled concert lights were installed in the floor, walls, and ceiling to wash and transform the 3,000sf space. In order to projection map the bowling lanes, custom scaffolding was created to securely mount 3 Sony 6,000lm laser projectors in the ceiling. With accompanying cameras and TouchMagix interactive display software, game events can trigger graphics for downed pins, bowler performance, and gaming outcomes. Cinema4D, HoudiniFX, After Effects, and FCPX  were used to edit and deliver additional dynamic imagery. The entire package offers the client the ability to host and brand fundraisers, parties, and family gatherings.
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